Antigua & Barbuda

Welcome to a Caribbean island with 365 beaches, one to visit each day of the year.This is the perfect place for some R&R as you renew your body, mind and spirit. A land of freedom and natural beauty calls out to you.


Welcome to this North American country, ten providences, and three territories. This land, filled with wildlife and adventure, awaits you. Come with an open heart to experience all that Canada has to offer.


A mountainous Caribbean island, blessed with 365 rivers, this land is nothing short of spectacular. A land of flowing rivers, lush rainforests, natural hot springs and the only known Boiling Lake in the region, Dominica belongs on your bucket list.


Located in Western Africa, this is a place filled with history and culture. Indulge and fill your senses with the best local cuisine and rich ecology. Ghana is a land ideal for adventures of water and land.


From the Grande Anse beach in the south, which is dotted with resorts and bars, to Saint Georges, the capital, with colorful homes and historic buildings, the Spice Isle eagerly awaits you. Your SDN Sticker is sure to go a long way here.


Out of many, one people. Use your SDN Sticker to further enjoy the sweet life on this island nation. Explore British colonial architecture and various diving and snorkeling sites. With its lush mountains and rainforests, Jamaica is not short on its natural beauty.


A magnificent place known for its beautiful cities and stately castles awaits you. Go with an open mind and be sure to take in all the wonders of this European country. Beauty awaits you!


From the Old Fort in the north to the Majestic Pitons on the southwestern coast to the wide white sand beaches in the south, Saint Lucia is truly the Helen of the West. This inspiring island is made all the more beautiful with your SDN Sticker.

Saint Vincent & The Grenadines

These islands await you, a major sailing destination with yachts and white sand beaches. Live the idyllic life here. These islands offer you hiking trails,waterfalls and volcanoes to refresh your body and spirit.

Trinidad & Tobago

This dual island is a melting pot of cultures known for its festive carnival and lively calypso, rich flora and fauna. Trinidad has a spirit of its own. Be sure to indulge your senses.


Located in northwestern Europe, the UK comprises Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Known for its abundant geological resources like coal and natural gas and its thriving agricultural sector, the United Kingdom is an experience waiting to happen.


A country of fifty states, each with its distinct culture, resources and opportunities. This land of opportunity extends from Alaska in the northwest to Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. There is plenty to do and never a dull moment. The USA awaits you.