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SDN Stickers is a product line of SDN Brand LLC.


Since 2016, SDN BRAND LLC, with its product name C’EST LA VIE P.A.R.I.S, has been setting its mark in the fashion world by being bold and colorful, while signifying a strong belief that if persons can respect their neighbour’s differences the world will be a better place.

The saying C’EST LA VIE is French for THAT’S LIFE, as individuals should have the right to express their personal desire without having to be discriminated or face prejudice for one’s personal choice in life, providing that one’s personal choice is not intruding or mistreating of another’s.

Added to the brand’s artistic value, the acronym P. A. R. I. S was incorporated to emphasize on what is required in delivering the brand’s overall message of Peace And Respect In Society.

The brand was created as a way of expressing world peace.

Peace starts with giving and so the brand was determined to find ways to aid people, not just immediate family and friends but the entire world, which led to the creation of SDN Stickers.

Stickers which grant lifetime discounts at many businesses.

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